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Teletherapy services are now available for clients in Indiana! 
If you live in Indiana but do not live close to Indianapolis, you are still able to participate in therapy services with Stuttering and Speech Therapy Services. 
Teletherapy services are available for Indiana residents interested in specialized stuttering or speech and language therapy treatment. If you live far from our Indianapolis office, have a busy schedule and cannot get to the office on a consistent basis or would like to utilize video treatment every once in a while, teletherapy may be a great fit for you and your family! 
Recognized as an effective service mode by the American Speech Language and Hearing Association, teletherapy can allow for more specialized services reaching all corners of the state. Teletherapy is useful to keep services consistent when a client cannot make it to the office for one reason or another. 
Stuttering and Speech Therapy Services utilizes a HIPAA-compliant (privacy protected) teletherapy platform that is easy to use for the client. 
For further information, contact the office to see if you or your family member is a good candidate for teletherapy!
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