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Teen Stuttering

Teen stuttering therapy; confident communicator
Your teen stutters. She may have stuttered all her life or she may have stuttered as a preschooler, stopped and started again in her teen years. She likely has received speech therapy. She may avoid speaking in class, she may suffer great anxiety with class presentations. She may struggle to meet friends for fear of "what they will think of her stutter". She may avoid participating in peer-related activities. She may avoid words or add unhelpful strategies to prevent a stutter. She wants to fit in. Her stutter makes her different and she has a hard time coping with the struggle. See how Stuttering and Speech Therapy Services provides help.


-free initial phone consultation 

-a comprehensive evaluation following consultation will always include:

   -stutter analysis

   -stutter impact assessment

   -family, medical, social history

   -written report with detailed analysis of evaluation and recommendations

-If necessary, additional assessments may include:

   -speech production evaluation

   -receptive and expressive language evaluation




Your teen's therapy will be tailored to her needs. Focal points of therapy revolve around increasing stuttering knowledge, decreasing negative avoidance patterns, learning how to advocate and speak for herself, becoming a confident speaker and learning strategies to help as necessary. She will learn to approach her stutter in a straight-forward and fearless manner. 

Caregivers will learn about stuttering and how to be an ally for those who stutter. Local and national resources will be provided to enhance outcomes and to increase connection with the population of people and families affected by stuttering. 

stuttering therapy for teens, Indianapolis
teen stuttering therapy; Indiana
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