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Speech and Language

Your child is difficult to understand. He doesn't sound like the other kids his age. Your child's school services are great, but you are looking to add more intense services to your child's plan or you are looking to keep therapy going through the summer months. Maybe you have chosen to bypass school services or your child did not qualify for school services yet you continue to be concerned. Stuttering and Speech Therapy Services is here to help provide a simple, fuss-free and direct experience for you and your child. 


-free initial phone consultation 

-Assessments may include:

   -speech production evaluation

   -receptive and expressive language evaluation

   -family, medical, social history

   -written report with detailed analysis of evaluation and recommendations

**This clinic will also accept a thorough speech and language evaluation and/or IEP from your child's school or a previous therapy clinic that has been conducted within the year of your child's initial session at this clinic. Should the information be deemed informative enough to conduct therapy, an evaluation will not be required by this clinic. Please note that additional assessments may be required in addition to what has been provided and necessity will be judged by the therapist. 


Therapy will be straight-forward, age-appropriate and fun for you child. This clinic will strive to help your child reach goals in an efficient manner and will be willing to adjust the plan as needed, according to the child's needs. Suggestions for home integration of therapy goals will be provided. 

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