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In addition to specialized stuttering therapy, services are also available for speech, receptive and expressive language disorders. 

Comprehensive Evaluations: You can expect a thorough assessment, analysis, report write-up, recommendations and goals included in your evaluation. Each client and family will have the chance to discuss, address concerns and to fully understand recommendations and therapy suggestions prior to beginning therapy. (please see individual service section to learn more about what to expect)

Direct Therapy: Therapy is client/family based. The client is the driving force behind any recommendation. Therefore, the client is asked to contribute to the direction of their therapy by identifying what they hope to achieve through services received. Frequency of therapy will be based on evaluation results, client's/family's lifestyle and any other factor specific to the family's needs.  

Collaboration with other members of the client's team-teachers, school-based therapists, doctors, etc.- is encouraged. It is believed that when all members involved in the care of a client communicate, more effective and lasting lifelong changes can be made. Stuttering and Speech Therapy Services is honored to be a part of that change.

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