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School Aged Stuttering

Fun school aged speech therapy; stuttering, Indianapolis
You have a child in elementary school who stutters. He has likely been stuttering for years-since he started talking. He's likely received or continues to receive speech therapy through school or a private center. He may be frustrated with his speech. He may not participate in activities or volunteer answering out-loud in class. He may experience bullying. He may change his words to avoid a stutter. He may rely on others to "talk" for him. He may have mastered techniques learned in speech therapy, but still avoids speaking in natural environments. Learn how Stuttering and Speech Therapy Services can help. 
Child who stutters; speech therapy


-free initial phone consultation 

-a comprehensive evaluation will always include:

   -stutter analysis

   -stutter impact assessment

   -family, medical, social history

   -written report with detailed analysis of evaluation and recommendations

-If necessary, additional assessments may include:

   -speech production evaluation

   -receptive and expressive language evaluation

Stuttering Therapy session, Indiana


You can expect a client/family-centered approach to guiding therapy. Your child will learn truths about his own stutter and stuttering in general, become a confident speaker, and learn strategies that may be useful in times of need. Group therapy with a peer may also be utilized to enhance therapy outcomes.

As a caregiver/parent, you will learn about stuttering and understand what to expect from therapy and your child as a speaker who stutters. You will understand how to help your child advocate for himself and to become an ally of those who stutter. 

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