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Preschool Stuttering


Your preschooler started stuttering. Should you be worried? Will she grow out of it? What are you supposed to do with a preschooler who stutters? Ignore the stutter? Acknowledge it? Initiate speech therapy? Wait and see? You have many questions when your new talker starts to stutter. Stuttering and Speech Therapy Services is here to guide you in a confident direction. 

Preschool Stuttering; What to do for your child


-You will receive an initial, free phone consultation. Based on this consultation, a comprehensive evaluation may or may not be recommended.

If a comprehensive evaluation is NOT recommended at this point, Stuttering and Speech Therapy Services can still be a resource to return to should the stuttering continue or re-emerge later in life. Regardless if you proceed with services through this clinic, you will be met with a responsive answer to any question you may have at any time either through email, phone or in the office.


-A comprehensive evaluation includes, but not limited to:

    -stutter analysis

    -speech production evaluation

    -receptive and expressive language evaluation

    -family, medical, social history

    -written report with detailed analysis of evaluation and recommendations


You can expect a family-centered therapy approach. Initial services are family directed guiding the caregivers in interaction styles that may enhance fluency for your preschooler. Each child is different, each family dynamic is different. We will work with you as a whole unit to identify the factors that most influence your child as she matures with her language and speech development. Direct therapy will be utilized as well, depending on the needs of the child/family. 

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