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Stuttering Community Resources

Your child may feel he is the only kid in the world who stutters. No one else speaks the way he does in his class, grade or even school. He feels alone in his struggle. But, did you know there are many groups and resources for kids and teens who stutter and their families that help you feel less alone? Did you also know that getting to know others who stutter can improve your overall communication skills and can have a dramatic impact on your progress in speech therapy? Check out these local and national resources:


Teen Group Therapy- Meets first Monday 6:00 of each month here at Stuttering and Speech Therapy Services. Therapy goals are created and targeted. Enhances ability and practice of disclosure, meeting new people, public speaking, etc. Community outings may be planned based on the group’s needs. ( )


FRIENDS (National Organization for Young People Who Stutter):

-find out about their one-day and annual conferences, see videos of other kids and teens who stutter.

National Stuttering Association:

-find out about their local and national resources including support groups, conferences and social media forums

Stuttering Foundation of America:

-discover the wealth of information this organization provides including educational handouts, books, videos, podcasts, DVD’s and more! Sign up for their newsletter and read letters to the editor from kids around the globe

Camps for kids/teens:

Camp SAY (

Camp Words Unspoken (

University of Texas stuttering camp ( or

Camp Shout Out (

FACETime Summer Camp (

Online blogs and podcasts:

“My Stutter Journey” was created by one of my clients who has courageously decided to go public with her experiences with stuttering. She and her mom have given me permission to share with the hopes she can help and connect with other teens and kids who feel the same as she does!

“Make Room For the Stuttering”:

Podcast: “StutterTalk” (

However you choose to connect, it can be a very impactful addition to your life! Feel free to reach out to Stuttering and Speech Therapy Services for more information about these and other resources!

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