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Adult Stuttering

You stutter. You've been in and out of speech therapy but haven't reached a confidence level in your communication that satisfies your needs in your professional and personal life. You may be preparing for a new job interview or work presentation. You may want to feel more competent as a speaker to help further your career, to help establish and enhance relationships. You may want to brush up on a few techniques to help you through the speaking demands you encounter on a daily basis.
Confidence adult stuttering therapy; Indianapolis
Or, you may have suffered a concussion, brain injury or stroke and have just started to stutter. You feel fearful and out of control of your communication. 
Either way, you feel your stutter gets in the way of work performance, personal relationships and your ability to participate in activities the way you wish. Find out how Stuttering and Speech Therapy Services can help.


-free initial phone (or email) consultation 

-a comprehensive evaluation will always include:

   -stutter analysis

   -stutter impact assessment

   -family, medical, social history

   -written report with detailed analysis of evaluation and recommendations


Your therapy will be tailored to your needs. You can expect a personally driven therapy approach with your personal communication goals central to therapy. You will learn more about your stutter and understand its nuances; therefore, feeling more in control of your communication. Local and national resources will be provided to enhance your therapy outcomes. 


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